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Last Update: 24.07.2004

Paderborn 2003 Pics


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All pictures by Torsten Schoop


Ikarus - SOS (M. Kolss and Rudolf Huber)


Diep - Fritz (Vincent Diepeveen and Mathias Feist)

Comet - Matador (Stefan Knappe and Uli Türke)

Shredder - YACE (Stefan Meyer-Kahlen and Dieter Bürssner)

The fast Fritz on the Dual 2.8 GHz machine

Gunnar Schoenemann and Mathias Feist

Patzer - Anaconda (Frank Schneider, Kai Skibbe and Roland Pfister)

Quark - Holmes (Thomas Mayer and Andreas Herrmann)

The interesting endgame Shredder - Yace

The "CSS-Chess-Championship" ;-): Dieter Steinwender and Helmut Conrady

Mathias Feist oberving the game Gandalf - Brutus (Dan Wulf and Chrilly Donninger, Alex Kure)


Victory Ceremony: Brutus Team (Chrilly Donninger and Ulf Lorenz [missing: Alex Kure]), 3rd place

Victory Ceremony: Dieter Bürssner, 2nd place

Victory Ceremony: Mathias Feist, 1st place